“O’Brien Fine Foods are delighted to be part of Origin Green, We recognise the importance of having a fully collaborative industry lead sustainability plan, to future proof Ireland’s natural resources, people and industry. We will aim to exceed all our targets and hope to become champions of the scheme home and abroad.”
John O’Brien (Managing Director)

In March 2014, O’Brien Fine Foods became approved members of Origin Green. As a company, we are aware that resources are increasingly becoming limited and therefore are willing to work towards doing more with less. We believe that sustainability is worthwhile and beneficial to both the company,employees and to Ireland.
O’Brien Fine Foods are ready to take action now in order to protect the future of the business. We are willing to put sustainability at the heart of our organisation and drive forward, encouraging all employees to get involved. In order for our company to become sustainable we are aware that everyone within the organisation, and over time third parties, need to become involved in order to facilitate this change and future proof the success of O’Brien Fine Foods.