Our PURPOSE is to bring better quality food to everyone, every day

Commitment – We are not only committed to creating premium offerings but also providing a premium service to all our customers. We are committed to building a sustainable, lasting business which will ensure reliable and enjoyable employment for current and future generations.

Care – As a family-owned business, we understand the value in giving extra care and attention to the smallest of details to evolve and progress into the future. We value the very heart of our business: the people. The O’Brien Fine Foods team have unrivalled expertise, commitment, care, and passion which can be experienced in the flavours and taste of every product we create.

Trust – We are an ambitious intergenerational Irish business with a deep connection to our homelands and locality. From our community to the rolling green hills and heather bogs, we strive to nurture and protect the beauty of our Irish countryside. We believe that through open communication we can grow, learn and work together to ensure the future of O’Brien Fine Foods.

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